Leadership Team

The UX Workshop is supported by a leadership team that defines our best practices and looks out for great UX video work being done the world over! Find out more about the team by reading the biographies below.

Chris Pallé


Chris Palle is the founder of the UX Workshop and an all around nice guy. Through his extraordinary efforts in the IAI and IxDA Chris has built strong relationships with subject matter experts within a diverse set of UX fields.

Chris’ interest in media technology and how humans interact with it began in his youth. A bona fide member of the Atari Generation, he recalls his earliest memories plotting lines and fills using LOGO on an Apple ][+ and copying BASIC code to create text-based games in the early ‘80s. His interest turned into a passion entering college just as graphics and text were coming together in Mosaic and from that moment on he knew, creating digital products was going to be his life’s work.

His most recent activities have been designing digital products and services in the B2C and B2B e-commerce spaces and beginning in early 2009, streaming media technologies. He can found just about anywhere with “chrispalle” (twitter, LinkedIn, his blog, etc.) and chris.palle at google’s email service.

Chris will also be looking to connect with more professionals in the UX field within and around North America; encouraging the best in our discipline to be able to facilitate awesome usability through collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Olga Howard


Olga Howard is a founder of The UX Workshop and research enthusiast. She brings her user experience research and strategy skills to help The UX Workshop team make decisions with confidence.

Olga is tasked with helping the team think through the UX Workshop’s organization design, products, and operations strategy.

She is looking forward to feedback from the UX community on how TUXW can better serve.

Peter March


For 16 years, Peter has been working in the fields of Information Architecture and Interaction Design. Peter has worked alongside numerous client partners, determining their information architecture needs and strategic design objectives.

In his current role as a Senior Interaction Designer, Peter provides expertise developing multi-channel interactive user experiences for a variety of business needs. Peter’s emphasis on collaborative solutions that combine the best practices of creative design and technological development has been instrumental in delivering results. Presently, Peter serves as an independent consultant, creating solutions for a variety of retail, financial and non-profit clients. In addition he is a Local Leader for the Interaction Design Association, a national organization focusing on serving the needs of the web development and interaction design community.

The User Experience Community

We’ve been discussing for weeks how to properly acknowledge those within and outside the UX community who have shared experiences, volunteered their time, and provided us with an avalanche of ideas and support.