Design Research – Discussion @ixd10

There has been increasing interest in our professional community around the research that informs our designs. Traditional user research may […]

UX Show & Tell DC

This UX Show & Tell DC event with John Douglass took place on January 28th. This was a roundtable discussion […]

UXCamp DC 2010

UXCamp DC is an ad-hoc unconference and is part of the larger BarCamp movement. The focus of this camp is […]

The Elements of Editorial Strategy

What is editorial strategy? Why is it so integral to content strategy? And what is the relationship between content strategy and publishing?

Marc Rettig – How to Do a Better Job of Changing the World

The way we have been living and doing business is over. Start getting used to that. Climate change makes the […]

CSS3 in 3D

CSS3 allows for greater control and creativity in web design. Attendees in this workshop will learn about using colors through […]

Content Curation is My Superpower – What’s Yours?

So much web content sucks. Who will save the web from page after dreary page of lifeless, disjointed prose, and […]

Photoshop Wow!

It’s so popular and ubiquitous that it’s made its way from the computer screen to sitcoms and movies screens and […]

Battling Bureaucracy

Why is it that so many web projects within public institutions are delivered late and fail to stay within budget? […]

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design: it goes beyond the environment. 95% of the designers who have ever lived are alive today, and so […]

UXCamp DC – Say THANKS to Our Video Crew!

In this short piece the CDIABU students who helped us stream and record UXCamp DC are helping us give away […]

UXCamp DC 2010 – Dan Willis on Belief

In this episode Dan Willis talks about what we believe. This episode was produced by Olga Howard and a team […]

UXCamp DC 2010 – On Design Inspiration

In this episode Joe Sokhol talks about design inspiration. This episode was produced by Olga Howard and a team of […]